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Legendary Hearts of Horses

“Legendary Hearts of Horses” by Adrienne Neary is a non-fiction thesis that takes an in-depth look into the rare ‘super-heart’ of racehorses, drawing on the famed Secretariat and his heart, which was estimated to weigh a spectacular twenty-two pounds. Neary’s primary purpose is to educate readers on the X factor theory, a hypothesis that attributes a gene mutation in the X chromosome, and present her own findings as she researched the phenomenon of the most powerful of equine hearts. In her quest she pulls together equine history and some of the greatest racehorses of all time, including Eclipse, Man o’ War, Phar Lap, and, of course, Secretariat. But Neary’s research goes much, much further back than this, bridging a gap between domestic, wild, and feral horses and an equine lineage that likely shaped the mightiest of hearts.


Adrienne Neary compiles a great deal of information in ‘Legendary Hearts of Horses’ without resorting to the usual flourish that tends to skew a reader to an author’s perception of facts. The book is also devoid of fluffy page fillers, which I deeply appreciate as a reader who wants a clear, concise, and tightly written delivery of data. This format does not take away from Neary’s enthusiasm, which comes across the page with so much zeal that I, a person who knows virtually nothing about horses, let alone their anatomical and genetic makeup, approached the book with equal enthusiasm. The most interesting part to me is on the evolution of the modern horse and a spotlight on the genus Equus dating back millions of years. Neary’s work sets her apart as a true authority and I have no doubt that others will find as much interest in her book as I have.” – Jamie Michele

“‘Legendary Hearts’ of Horses by Adrienne Neary is an extraordinary insight into the unique bond between horses and man. The extensive research that has gone into this book is admirable and the stories of sacrifice and pure devotion were incredibly moving, particularly Bucephalus’ battle in 327 BC. There are so many values we can gain from these selfless and brave animals, their absolute fearlessness, compassion and virtuous behaviour. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical tales, the successes and failures which we can all learn from. I was especially touched by The Trail Of Tears account and also how the relationship between man and equines first began. I thought the comparison between our need to be accepted and loved and a horse’s unlimited capacity for love and non-judgemental mindset was extremely powerful. We have a lot to learn about what is truly important and this quote is one of my favourites from the book: ‘We’re the most domesticated creature on earth, and that may not necessarily be a good thing. We’re imprisoned by thoughts, attitudes, invented and self-imposed circumstances.’ A highly engaging and interesting read.” – Lesley Jones

Adrienne Neary’s ‘Legendary Hearts of Horses’ would appeal to not only horse lovers or those who bet on horse races, but anyone with an interest in history and/or the theory of evolution. Even though the topic is a scientific one, the book is not written in an esoteric way. Neary shows a remarkable knowledge of history, specifically how horses fit into and helped change it. As someone interested in history, I enjoyed reading about the ancient past as well as the early years of the colonization of the Americas and the United States. What made the book especially interesting was that it’s written from the standpoint of how horses impacted history. Neary’s book is thoroughly researched and contains an extensive bibliography. She is obviously a horse lover and her passion comes through in her writing.” – Joe Wisinski

What people are saying:

“This is just to congratulate you on Legendary Hearts of Horses—what a gorgeous, meaningful book. You made excellent decisions. The production details are so distinctive and classy, and your narrative is fascinating and profound. 

In fact, it explained to me why I always shout and often weep when watching a race, and why we all (horse people or not) feel such a deep surge of excitement. It’s not the speed or the competition that thrills us, it’s the heart we are witnessing. It changes us, somehow.

I know the book will reach the hearts of many readers over many years.”

Deborah Burns, Acquiring Editor, Storey Publishing

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Readers’ Favorite ‘5-stars’ review badge can be seen on book covers from indie authors to iconic publishers such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins. It’s an honor to have received such premier recognition for this book title, “Legendary Hearts of Horses”!
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Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical

Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical, by Adrienne Neary, combines colorful illustrations with detailed instruction in basic Equine Energy work and encompasses the building blocks for the basic training of any horse. Neary has successfully compiled her training and experience with world renowned Masters, Dr. John Harvey Gray (USUI Reiki), Dr. HLM van Schaik (Dutch Olympian), along with many students and many horses.

By practicing the routines and instructions in this book, you can expect to combine conscious breathing, meditation and energy awareness – the basis for well-being and relaxation – with an energy scanning and delivery technique. You will also combine your ‘physical positioning’ and ‘psychological and emotional’ positioning with a progressive training routine and a well-informed riding position, to achieve a more harmonious experience under saddle.

Combining the quantum (non-physical) and the Classical (physical) present a ‘coherent’ and holistic approach to any discipline, providing a way engage more fully in everyday interactions.

Deeper connections facilitate a new bonding and coherence between you and your horse, from the ground, from a distance and from the saddle. This is truly a unique and helpful manual for the DIY horse owner who wants to expand and explore new possibilities.


Neary’s talent to access horse and rider through smart science and tested traditions make this title unique. Many horse owners have experienced those sometimes elusive and transitory moments of complete harmony and connection with their horses. This book facilitates a better understanding as to how and why those moments occur, how to better access them, and how to transcend to a permanent new level of coherence in their horse/human relationship.

– N Alvin-Smith

I love your philosophy, your descriptions, your obvious desire to really reach the reader. This book fills an empty niche in the market.

– S Jackson

Pretty darn impressive! It’s a beautiful piece of work.

– J Rainville

I think there is a lot to be learned from this – for those with and without a horse.

– K Epstein

You have amazingly connected things that transpire in the “horse world”, to all that matters in our entire world. Isn’t it all about “just people doing something better”? There is so much cruelty to the earth, animals and each other. If we all could just have a belief system of community, understanding etc. that you indicated, we would all be in a better place. I will leave you with your point that “leadership is a solemn responsibility”. If only that was universally understood! I LOVE reading your book!

– K Paginis

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Note from the author:

“I wrote Coherent Horsemanship in an attempt to provide a voice for many, many horses, and many, many people. Years ago, I thought my destiny would unfold in the competitive arena of Dressage. It just didn’t turn out that way. My students and horses maneuvered me into uncharted territory; challenging me to help in ways I was mostly unprepared for. They constantly informed me with their vast, invaluable and unspoken experiences. For many years, I delved into the ubiquitous harm/stress/behavior paradigm and came to a new understanding of pain’s purpose. It led me into an entirely new practice and instruction platform. I truly believe that we can collectively improve countless lives from now on. In the spirit the Horse and Human Masters who taught me, I felt that writing about and illustrating this knowledge was the best honor I could bestow.”

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Just Released Title: Coherent Horsemanship – Combining the Quantum and the Classical by Adrienne Neary, Brings Intelligent Life to Horsemanship

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Adrienne Neary combines her artistic abilities with her experience in Equine Energy work and Classical Horsemanship. She trained with world renowned Masters, Dr. John Harvey Gray (USUI Reiki) and Dr. HLM van Schaik (Dutch Olympian), and has taught and trained many horses and riders over the past thirty years. She now makes these time honored practices accessible to every DIY horse person with well written and beautifully illustrated publications.

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Each one of us has a tremendous responsibility. We are involved with creatures whose only language is not a human one. We need to be truly versatile – Love like a child, Practice with devotion, Listen with openness, and Advocate like a mama bear.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein

Will you ‘be’ a leader of excellence and of purposeful evolution?

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Pickleball of our Age cover

Pickleball for our Age and pickleball for all ages, is an e-book about the sport of pickleball and how it is a metaphor for life.

Pickleball has come to the rescue! Its timely appearance and meteoric growth along with its appropriateness for everyone is no mistake. Our spirits have found a long awaited ally; one that can engage us whole-heartedly and heal aspects of our lives that have either been benched or ignored.
Pickleball is an open skilled, multi-dimensional experience. It emphasizes sport and life skills; internal questions, competence, competition, love, cooperation, success and disappointment. It amplifies our personalities, our strengths and virtues (including patience!), our baggage, our egos, and weaknesses.
Pickleball helps us find our inner truth. It’s a mega healer if we allow it to be. It has a silly name that gives us permission to laugh at our foibles, our wants, needs, obsessions and tantrums. It gives us permission to forgive and release the dark clouds we all carry…

If you haven’t downloaded your copy, do it now! It’s a fun read when you’re off the court and don’t want to stop thinking about it…