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Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical

Combining the quantum (non-physical) and the Classical (physical) present a ‘coherent’ and holistic approach to any discipline. This manual is for any horse person and any horse. It provides a way to create a unique bond and engage more fully in an individual and unique progress arc.

Both quantum energy work and Classical philosophy prioritize compassion, commitment and meaningful connection, instead of commercial gain or exploitation of the benefits horses have afforded us over the centuries.

We need to break our own bad habits, stop looking the other way, stop joining the masses of people who mindlessly idolize the status quo. The current dis-empowering paradigm of power-over has left – in its wake – many broken hearts and broken bodies. We need to live with conviction and fortitude and demonstrate that Kindness is the way forward.

With that said, there’s so much a horse owner, lover or enthusiast can do without the influence of those who might have a vested interest or are motivated by social or financial currency. It’s all there in ‘Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical’. You can learn and practice at home.

I am joined my so many others, and feel so glad and grateful to be able to bring my perspective and my experience to a broader audience. New understandings and more compassionate and discerning people provide a purposeful, positive evolution for both horse and human.

It is my hope that this information empowers and inspires both you and your horse to grow, deepen your bonds, and become freer individuals by replacing out-dated banalities with new and valuable un-limitations.


Pretty darn impressive! It’s a beautiful piece of work.

– J Rainville

I think there is a lot to be learned from this – for those with and without a horse.

– K Epstein

You have amazingly connected things that transpire in the “horse world”, to all that matters in our entire world. Isn’t it all about “just people doing something better”? There is so much cruelty to the earth, animals and each other. If we all could just have a belief system of community, understanding etc. that you indicated, we would all be in a better place. I will leave you with your point that “leadership is a solemn responsibility”. If only that was universally understood! I LOVE reading your book!

– K Paginis

I love your philosophy, your descriptions, your obvious desire to really reach the reader. This book fills an empty niche in the market.

– S Jackson

I hope you sell many books teaching young people how to treat and develop relationships with the horses they love to ride.

G. Wieland

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Just Released Title: Coherent Horsemanship – Combining the Quantum and the Classical by Adrienne Neary, Brings Intelligent Life to Horsemanship

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Note from the author:

Horsemanship and Relationship are intertwined and inseparable. They are measured by the amount of Joy and Confidence present and palpable. Depending on how we operate as individuals, we either confuse and confound the horse, or we delight and intrigue him.

Horses are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, sentient beings, connecting to and comprehending their environment and all of its nuances every moment of every day.

Humans are multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional, sentient beings with detachment and comprehension problems. We are essentially trained to compartmentalize our lives and are wired for stress.

If we strive to fill our gaps, become more intuitive and meditative, then, like the horse, we’ll discover our Inner world filled with possibilities and deeper meanings.

Relating to a horse with these augmented ‘inner’ tools changes our entire relationship paradigm not only with our horses, but across all species and all of Life.

This wholesome approach forms a non-organized, collective human frontier moving away from politicized, marketed and monetized strongholds; while prioritizing empathy and Love based experiences and potentials.

Each one of us has a tremendous responsibility. We are involved with creatures whose only language is not a human one. We need to be truly versatile – Love like a child, Practice with devotion, Listen with openness, and Advocate like a mama bear.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Will you ‘be’ a leader of excellence and of purposeful evolution?

Your next choice makes all the difference.

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