Collective Human Disease

our behavior today deeply effects all of our tomorrows

We’ve become unoriginal. We idolize, we fear, and we get whatever we can. We repeat our mistakes. We accuse with impunity, we take without giving. We lie, we cheat and we totally ignore Unconditional Love.

Ironically, or not, we’re becoming a nation of whiners, wimps and wannabes.

We convinced ourselves that a certain standard in our financial life, supercedes all other standards. We’ve committed ourselves to gaining that certain standard. Generally speaking, we copy, we beg, we persuade, we manipulate…we network and use acquaintances and friends as rungs in a ladder to successful unhappiness. Maybe rich, but not fulfilled.,

Many people claim victimhood or martyrdom during their struggle for deservedness and fiscal wealth. But it’s lazy and underhanded. They are looking for affirmation from without, instead of within.

The polite and kind remain quiet but not without opinion, feelings and stress. The become the exploited ones by serving some sort of cultural duty.

Meanwhile, some victims become aggressors, creating more serfs, and ironically to their pleasure, more victims! All justified because denial is the best protector. We don’t realize we’re repeating the patterns of how we have been conditioned and trained by others. Generally there is a blind mechanism at play. It’s right because it’s ‘normal’ within that viewpoint.

Purposeful and pre-meditated aggression – a plan to overwhelm, distract, undermine and destroy – is much, much worse, and worthy of discussion, but not here.

This article is intended to identify the unconscious veil that promotes harm without harmful intention.

Our concepts of success and well-being have been ingrained over generations, and the responsibilities for success and well-being have been de-emphasized. In a sense, being a good human being has been corrupted by our commercially misguided lifestyle.

It’s a type of collective disease that stems from parenting. Our parents were influenced by their parents (and so on and so on…). In most cases, the biggest concern was that they give their kids a better life than they had. Noble, yes. But, this wonderful concept was imbued with large gaps of misunderstanding.

So rather than call it parenting, I’d like to look at this as a form of leadership and relationship dynamics that effect every moment of every day.

Consider the word ‘input’. It’s not whether you are the most aggressive, it’ more about listening. Whenever there are genuine needs that are unmet, there will be unrest. A good leader listens. A good leader knows when to protect, when to insist, and when to be flexible. A good leader intimately knows the ‘environment’, and can guide – with all emotional input – a way toward peace.

Sometimes – a lot of times – this means a period of isolation and healing.

Giving without boundaries is damaging to the ‘self’, taking with impunity is damaging to others. This seems to be our current human paradigm. A collective human disease of over-giving an over-taking.

Those who have wisdom need to be the ‘smart ones…the wise ones…the ones who can deliver a remedial course in behavior’ with Kindness.

Consciously change your own behavior, and energetically change the behavior of others.

While humans need to learn this step by step…

Horses know this inherently, and live their lives well – with balance and well-being.

However, because humans have kept horses in a domesticated state, they’ve become status symbols, rather than a deep and infinite source of wisdom and experience.

We’ve imposed conformational, metabolic, mental, genotypic, phenotypic anomolies and disease upon them. Which is a direct consequence of our collective disease.

Humans have changed the energetic environment of horses, and have limited their ability to heal. We’ve created weaknesses that they otherwise wouldn’t have (and didn’t have before domestication).

The soundest financial advice I’ve ever received, is to never depend on anyone else for money, and the soundest investment advice I’ve ever received is to create a better system of thinking within my own mind and body.

In other words, let go of expectations, the past, the whining and wannabe, and start living your LIFE.

See ‘The Legendary Hearts of Horses’.

Live like a legendary heart, or live like a wild horse…contrary to imbued images and beliefs, wild horses aren’t unruly. They’re committed to their True Nature within Nature and defend and/or suffer when we ignore those standards.

A healthier Herd starts with you.

Ethical leadership. Empathy. Keen observation. Understanding devoid of judgement.

Don’t yell at the puppy, you’ll ruin its life…Anger is an emotional dagger…

Don’t play favorites. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Why have any doubt or insecurity about that? Do you think a wild horse is wondering whether or not her foal is going to ‘like’ her if she chastises him or her? Wouldn’t there be an inherent understanding that it is all for the best?

Maybe humans need to explain to their ‘young’, the consequences of harm, and what that might mean to the family unit and the community – without using ‘people won’t like you’, humiliation or other forms of coercion. Maybe people have a disadvantage because we need to use words, rather than an instant action/correction mechanism that teaches succinctly and accurately.

The added disadvantage of personal opinion – setting up a certain experience that skews the message of lessons – is another flaw that delays our evolution into wise and kind and truly remarkable creatures.

Hard lessons can be brief and intense. They don’t need to be drawn out by drama and repeated usages of ridiculous advice and other forms of verbal iterations.

Our collective human disease doesn’t need to continue.

Our collective Joy can be ushered into existence by you. Use the empathy and compassion demonstrated by horses. Be especially inspired by their ‘dangerous behavior’ if they are defensive and make a protest. Take time to investigate the conditions…likewise if they are dull and too cooperative.

It takes intuition, courage and commitment…

It is our responsibility to secure the true understanding with our kids and our animals…

Take the challenge and make adjustments!

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