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    Horse Industry Flaws in the USA

    There are Horse Industry flaws in the USA. That’s no surprise. There are flaws in every industry! There are several ways a horse person can protect themselves and their welfare of their horses, however it will take strong and determined people willing to negotiate on behalf of their horses, in order to change the current practices. Purchasing a Horse Horses cost a lot of money. Period. If you are purchasing one for the first time, there are risks up the kazoo. You’ll find that everyone wants their own release of liability, too. Obtain a ‘return’ commitment from the seller. If you are buying a serious prospect or proven show horse,…

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    North American Wild Horses photo by Rennett Stowe used with permission by Creative Commons license Thunderous hooves powered by the ‘gifts of the gods’, a balanced, well-built body, a large heart, excellent lungs, intuitive sentience, inner will, a highly efficient metabolism, and lively, elastic sinews. They lived in the highest esteem for themselves, taunting and provoking the jealousy of man. Imagine what it must have been like to see a horse, let alone ride a horse like that in the wild country, to feel with your own senses, a horse that was so mentally keen, so physically agile, that it seemed supernatural. This horse would be making hundreds, perhaps thousands…

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    Horses of Central Asia

    Some say horses were domesticated four thousand years ago, some say eight. Maybe it’s more. Whatever the actual case may be, horses were no longer responsible for their own lives. As soon as the horse transitioned from a food source he served as a useful tool…primarily to further the objectives of human beings. It didn’t take long for people to exploit their new advantage to the fullest.   The Sythians, Parthians and the Huns “You could smell them coming, it was said, even before you heard the thunder of their hooves. But by then it was too late. Within seconds came the first murderous torrent of arrows, blotting out the…

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    A Little Equine Evolution

    Modest in stature, Equus moved over great distances. [Fossils of Equus collected in the Hagerman horse quarries in Idaho – on left of illustration] In stark contrast to his much smaller predecessor now known as Orohippus (pad footed, 4 toes in front, 3 toes behind, and approximately 10”-20” at the shoulder, small forest animal with a flexible back, a short neck, short legs, and a smallish nose, teeth of an omnivore, however over twenty million years, began to evolve into plant eaters, of the Eocene Epoch 40-50 million years ago), these beasts traveled on singular hooves. Their spines were more rigid and their necks were longer. They had relatively long…

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    Collective Human Disease

    our behavior today deeply effects all of our tomorrows We’ve become unoriginal. We idolize, we fear, and we get whatever we can. We repeat our mistakes. We accuse with impunity, we take without giving. We lie, we cheat and we totally ignore Unconditional Love. Ironically, or not, we’re becoming a nation of whiners, wimps and wannabes. We convinced ourselves that a certain standard in our financial life, supercedes all other standards. We’ve committed ourselves to gaining that certain standard. Generally speaking, we copy, we beg, we persuade, we manipulate…we network and use acquaintances and friends as rungs in a ladder to successful unhappiness. Maybe rich, but not fulfilled., Many people…

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    Thoroughbred Bloodlines


    The Godolphin Horse and the Byerley Turk are two of the three foundation sires of the modern thoroughbred, the third being called the Darley Arabian. Thoroughbreds originated in England at the turn of the 18th century. It maybe difficult to understand the full impact these horses had upon the breed, and upon all the subsequent breeds their blood poured into over the past three hundred years, however, there are some fascinating insights.

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    Thoroughbred Bloodlines

    The Byerley Turk Bloodline: Preserved in Other Breeds

    Fortunately for breeds other than the British Thoroughbred, some direct sireline descendants of the Byerley Turk found themselves owned by people who had objectives other than horse racing. In America, this sireline had a profound effect; contributing to the formation of new breed of horse, in a brand new nation. It should come as no surprise that Figure, renamed Justin Morgan, was a direct sireline descendant of the Byerley Turk. No surprise at all.

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    The Byerley Turk: The Incredible Story of the World’s First Thoroughbred

    This book is a testimony of extreme beauty and style, extreme dedication, and extreme danger. It describes the fantastic power of a strong-willed, defiant stallion, and the tender moments he creates when the touch of a whisker brings about peace and comfort. This book successfully captivates the imagination and allows the reader to understand the tremendous importance of just one horse in our World History.