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    Unicorn of the Sea

    Want to learn something different? Check out how the Narwhal is connected to the Unicorn of myth and legend. "You might say the Narwhal, also known as the unicorn of the sea, was the unicorn’s silent benefactor, giving tangibility to a form that until then, was alive mostly through religious legend…" Read on!

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    Horse Industry Flaws in the USA

    There are Horse Industry flaws in the USA. That’s no surprise. There are flaws in every industry! There are several ways a horse person can protect themselves and their welfare of their horses, however it will take strong and determined people willing to negotiate on behalf of their horses, in order to change the current practices. Purchasing a Horse Horses cost a lot of money. Period. If you are purchasing one for the first time, there are risks up the kazoo. You’ll find that everyone wants their own release of liability, too. Obtain a ‘return’ commitment from the seller. If you are buying a serious prospect or proven show horse,…

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    The Byerley Turk Bloodline: Preserved in Other Breeds

    Fortunately for breeds other than the British Thoroughbred, some direct sireline descendants of the Byerley Turk found themselves owned by people who had objectives other than horse racing. In America, this sireline had a profound effect; contributing to the formation of new breed of horse, in a brand new nation. It should come as no surprise that Figure, renamed Justin Morgan, was a direct sireline descendant of the Byerley Turk. No surprise at all.

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    The Byerley Turk: The Incredible Story of the World’s First Thoroughbred

    This book is a testimony of extreme beauty and style, extreme dedication, and extreme danger. It describes the fantastic power of a strong-willed, defiant stallion, and the tender moments he creates when the touch of a whisker brings about peace and comfort. This book successfully captivates the imagination and allows the reader to understand the tremendous importance of just one horse in our World History.