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    Legendary Hearts of Horses

    Heart is a word we have many expressions for and use them to describe moments, conditions and events our lives. Words like heartfelt, heart of the matter, follow your heart, from the bottom of my heart, having a heart to heart...Of course, there are the darker elements; heart of darkness, change of heart, halfhearted, coldhearted...it's no wonder we're fascinated with the heart of every horse, especially the extra large hearts. Following the genetic expression of the equine large heart gene throughout history and before, uncovers that heart, while expressed physically in various sizes, is indelibly interwoven with Love, beauty, inspiration, courage and sacrifice. It’s an ageless story about the tangible…

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    The Byerley Turk Bloodline: Preserved in Other Breeds

    Fortunately for breeds other than the British Thoroughbred, some direct sireline descendants of the Byerley Turk found themselves owned by people who had objectives other than horse racing. In America, this sireline had a profound effect; contributing to the formation of new breed of horse, in a brand new nation. It should come as no surprise that Figure, renamed Justin Morgan, was a direct sireline descendant of the Byerley Turk. No surprise at all.