Coherent Horsemanship

Coherent Horsemanship is a bridge between Classical and Quantum; an exciting ‘entanglement’ practice and experience for both horse and human. It is the practice of insightful interactions and meaningful exchanges between these two species on physical and non-physical levels.

This new site will include a new physical therapy workbook based on authentic Classical principles as they were taught by Dr. HLM van Schaik. This can be used as a basic Dressage manual, however, it is best used as a universal remedy for motion problems in the horse and riding problems for the human.

This new site will also include an equine energy work protocol that was developed by John Harvey Gray, who supported my dream of practicing Equine Reiki professionally. This protocol was employed at a Dressage and Carriage Driving barn, where all horses were baselined and worked with according to their needs. Details and results were journaled extensively. Case studies can be found at Coherent Horsesmanship.

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