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Publishing non-fiction and fiction books for horse lovers including professionals, enthusiasts and people interested in self-help, personal and spiritual growth.

We are living in unsettling times. Self reliance may be frightening to some, but it’s an essential journey for all of us to make. We can no longer sit back and watch the destruction of freedom along with the sanctity of earth and life itself.

If you’re a horse person, get your copy of Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical right away. Start your practice as a grounded and growing partner for your much revered horse or horses. Be ready and able to help others grow, by giving them a ‘leg up’. A growing number of people all over the world are making this choice right now! Be part of a movement that makes things better for each of us, horse and human.

If don’t own any horses, but love them, it’s still worth the price. The energy work is worth learning about and practicing on yourself, your family, your pets…and spread the word! Let everyone know about this book.

If you are delighted by fiction, there are upcoming titles you’ll be very interested in! Horses relate with challenging characters, while spiritual wisdom and new kinds of adventures sail along the seas of deeper thoughts and actions. Follow this website for developing news and offerings!