Legendary Hearts of Horses

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Legendary Hearts of Horses

“Legendary Hearts of Horses” follows the equine large heart trail instigated by the famous American Thoroughbred, Secretariat. The revelation of his super heart during his autopsy set the horse industry afire. Neary delves into the equine pedigree history that other researchers identified as being the fountain spring of this marvelous trait, but then diverges from that trodden path. She boldly jumps into the vast pool of equine evolution and human ambition in order to discover more outstanding examples of stamina and loyalty. Neary clearly connects the large heart trait to ‘Old World’ horses, even suggesting that horses in the wild had been very creative and proactive about their own survival. This is a well written book that elucidates not only the physical heart, but the intangible qualities of heart that horses have demonstrated throughout history. Insightful and inspirational, this message appeals to a wide audience. Enhanced by historical references, expert science and a surprising, fortuitous discovery, this a thought provoking book for anyone interested in history, evolution, and of course, horses.

From ‘Legendary Hearts of Horses’ Introduction:

“It’s possible the genetic and epigenetic conditions of domestication didn’t activate large heart expression for every individual everywhere. It is fascinating to consider the horses returning to living in the wild centuries ago here in America, that they may have consistently manifested the ‘larger than normal physical heart’, along with its natural cohabitants and advantages.
While my research spanned well over ten years, it’s an ongoing passion. Pedigrees tell amazing stories. In my opinion, the real reason extra large hearts show up in horses is closely tied to the Mysteries that govern Life, not just to the chemistry involved.”

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