Equine Anatomy Chart

Basic Equine Anatomy Chart

Equine Anatomy Chart

This Equine Anatomy Chart is packed with information. It is a stunning full color representation of the horse from a lateral right viewpoint. It has over 100 labels that familiarize you with bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. There are also complimentary illustrations of the equine systems including more detailed illustrations of equine joints.

Reading and memorizing equine anatomy charts is vital to a solid horsemanship foundation. It is a building block that serves you in so many ways. You can communicate with your Veterinarian, Farrier or other Equine Professionals more efficiently and knowledgeably. In addition, as the information ‘sinks in’ to the inner part of your brain, the information can be drawn upon more intuitively.

Equine anatomy is an established field of study. Every facet of the horse deserves understanding. It includes where things are, why they are there, and the study of physiology reveals what the parts’ functions are when they are normal. Nothing can start your horsemanship or equine career or interest better than the elementary study of equine anatomy!

Also, it’s much easier to learn when things are at a standstill. In this way, a two dimensional viewpoint of equine parts and labels is particularly useful. Of course, your horse is a living, mobile system with thoughts, feelings, sentience and a physical presence. There are areas of study to pursue once you’ve secured the basics. The better you visualize the whole and its dynamic system after a thorough understanding of the two dimensional basis, the more your expertise will grow and expand.

Equine Anatomy Basics

Included in this chart are terms, nomenclature and ways of depicting and describing tangible and intangible things. It includes a physical basis, and also depicts the ‘two dimensional’ anatomy of energetic components supporting and interacting with whole being of the horse.

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