Pickleball bracket snacks

Pickleball Bracket Snacks and Creative Crafts

Pickleball Bracket Snacks

The title says it all! Pickleball Bracket Snacks and Creative Crafts is an e-book exploring the many uses pickleball paddle cookie cutters.

Sitting at a tournament waiting for your bracket to play out, pickleball bracket snacks are the perfect solution! Share your pickleball paddle shaped cookies and sandwiches, or give them pickleball themed cheese or fruit shapes. When you invite your pickleball friends over to watch the Superbowl, even though your watching football, you can still ‘say’ pickleball!

Pickleball Creative Crafts

So many things can be produced with one simple cookie cutter. On many occasions, you can ‘wow’ pickleball associates with your creative crafts! Use these ideas and recipes to get going, or use your own ideas and creative talents.

Here are ideas in addition to bracket snacks:

  • craft items such as cards, ornaments, mementos and SO much more!

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