Pickleball for our Age and pickleball for all ages

Pickleball of our Age cover


Pickleball for our Age: and pickleball for all ages, is an e-book about the sport of pickleball and how it becomes a metaphor for life.

Pickleball has come to the rescue! Its timely appearance and meteoric growth along with its appropriateness for everyone is no mistake. Our spirits have found a long awaited ally; one that can engage us whole heartedly and heal aspects of our lives that have either been benched or ignored.
Pickleball is an open skilled, multi-dimensional experience. It emphasizes sport and life skills; internal questions, competence, competition, love, cooperation, success and disappointment. It amplifies our personalities, our strengths and virtues (including patience!), our baggage, our egos, and weaknesses.
Pickleball helps us find our inner truth. It’s a mega healer if we allow it to be. It has a silly name that gives us permission to laugh at our foibles, our wants, needs, obsessions and tantrums. It gives us permission to forgive and release the dark clouds we all carry…

If you haven’t downloaded your copy, do it now! It’s a fun read when you’re off the court and don’t want to stop thinking about it…