Equana.org, Coherent Horsemanship and Beech Tree Arts support you while you guide yourself into understanding new potentials.

Through this study, a deeper relationship with yourself can be realized, which deepens the relationship you have with your horse.

People talk about ‘one-ness’, but rarely understand what that means.

Horses haven’t forgotten their mind-body connection, it’s only humans that have compartmentalized life in this way.

Horses also have inherent survival wisdom and fortitude, emotional maturity and generosity, and grounding that gives them an incredibly special but very subtle voice.

We can learn much more from them than they can learn from us.

Therefore these websites represent a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach; a human frontier that moves away from politicized, marketed and monetized strongholds.

Horsemanship and Relationship are intertwined and inseparable.

In fact, it is our Relationship with ourselves that we bring to the horse; we either confuse and confound him, or delight and intrigue him.

Each one of us has a tremendous responsibility. We are involved with creatures whose only language is not a human one. We need to be truly versatile – Love like a child, Practice with devotion and openness, Advocate like a mama bear. As Albert Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

It takes courage and commitment…so…

Will you ‘be’ a leader of excellence and of purposeful evolution?

Your next choice makes all the difference.

Buy beautifully composed Equine Anatomy Charts that are used on the Equana.org website can be purchased or downloaded by using this page’s drop down menu. All charts are in digital form so you can have information with you at all times!

NEW! Test Your Knowledge Charts (TYK) that are blank forms of the anatomy information on Equana.org, are free. Color the spaces, locate parts with lines, name parts and respond to the questions. Answers can be found on Equana.org, or you can research on your own! Use the drop down menu and look for TYK files.

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