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Explore Equine Anatomy Holistically

Like a painting of a marvelous sunset, an anatomy chart is a documentation of a captured moment in time. In this one moment, there are literally thousands of details; those you see, and those you don’t see…in two dimensions, or even three.

We’ve relied on these (2D and 3D depictions) for our knowledge base, and have forgotten that the physical world is an holographic and multi dimensional universe. It’s important to keep in mind that the basic shape of a species may not change, but a myriad of things do. That’s difference between static 2D and 3D viewpoints, and ‘living’ anatomy’, which goes beyond names and labels, form and function.

‘Anatomy’, whether horse or human, morphs from 2D to 3D, to a holographic and fluid enigma. Anatomy simply can’t be separated from the things that create it and the things that influence it.

For that reason, there are many ways to explore it by combining all these aspects:

  • a ‘parts’ list – names, locations
  • conformation
  • Anatomy in motion – biomechanics
  • changes over time due to stress and/or age
  • micro-anatomy and physiology
  • energetic structures in space-time
  • energetic structures interacting with Earth and each other
  • systems that produce bio-fields
  • marriage of genome and phenome through the study and understanding of epigenetics
  • comparative anatomy between horse and human

The presence of matter and energy, wave and particle, is inextricable from our lives. All of Earth; plants, rocks and creatures, ARE these things; therefore we are so much more than the sum of our parts. We are a connected living world.

Coherent Horsemanship and Beech Tree Arts support you while you guide yourself into understanding new potentials.

Through this study, a deeper relationship with yourself can be realized, which deepens the relationship you have with your horse. People talk about ‘one-ness’, but rarely understand what that means.

Horses haven’t forgotten their mind-body connection, it’s only humans that have compartmentalized life in this way. Horses also have inherent survival wisdom and fortitude, emotional maturity and generosity, and grounding that gives them an incredibly special but very subtle voice.

We can learn much more from them than they can learn from us.

Therefore these websites represent a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach; a human frontier that moves away from politicized, marketed and monetized strongholds.


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