Beech Tree Arts products are well designed, thoughtful, and useful. There are two basic areas of passion and interest; horses and pickleball.  For horse information, click anywhere! For pickleball, there’s a specialized, yet similar business under the BTA umbrella; The Pickleball Studio, which can be accessed in the Products drop down menu, or by clicking HERE.

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For horse lovers, information and items (tangible and downloadable) include equine anatomy charts, comparative equine anatomy, articles, doodling exercises for clarity or healing, a practice workbook for the art of traditional Classical Dressage (as it was taught by Dr. H.L.M. van Schaik) and Reiki and more. All current and future offerings (except for the Justin Morgan notecards below and the laminated equine anatomy charts available at Clinical can be found in the Products drop down menu. **Please note that an Equine Vital Signs Chart is available as a download…click HERE.

For pickleball lovers, I have designed logos and comics, and have written and illustrated several articles. I also produced an e-booklet for a pickleball paddle cookie cutter that I designed in conjunction with Ann Clark Cookie Cutters in Vermont. The cookie cutter is a fun product for pickleball enthusiasts. It can be found in the ‘Pickleball Studio’ from the Products drop down menu, or by clicking HERE.

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The gallery below includes a small sampling of artwork and – the cookie cutter…people think it’s very cute! I have also made custom halters and bit-less bridles with paracord, have designed riding jackets, logos, illustrations and articles on a freelance basis. Click around and come back often to see what’s been added, or what’s new!!

Any questions? If you need a logo, an illustration, an article, or want to know when something will be available…please send an EMAIL.

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Beech Tree Arts products that are either in limited supply, or offered by a third party:

Limited Supply: Justin Morgan note cards. The original was created in graphite, and has been shown in NYC, Boston, MA and Lexington, KY. The image is printed on high quality ivory linen card stock. Envelopes are included.

drawing of Justin Morgan statue

These cards come in a package of six and are available for $12.50 USD, shipping included. Please inquire at Beech Tree Arts.

Third party: Laminated Equine Anatomy Chart with Basic Vital Signs

available at

Offered through Clinical Equine anatomy and Vital signs is a two-sided, laminated chart measuring 11′ x 17′.

Barn managers, racing stables, 4-H club members, endurance riders, event riders, carriage drivers, grooms and horse owners can now put our charts to better use. Equine Anatomy and Vital Signs will help implement a preventive health care system in your barn by taking baseline vital signs regularly. Assist in clear and concise communication with supporting Equine Professionals especially during an emergency. Equine Anatomy and Vital Signs charts provide room for recording essential data (dry erase marker), and can be photographed or scanned for permanent record keeping. It can then be cleaned with a damp cloth and reused. The charts can also be photographed with your smartphone and easily sent to your Veterinarian’s phone or office to save time during critical situations.

$19.95 plus shipping

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