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Pickleball Studio is a specialized part of Beech Tree Arts, producing artwork and other content for the pickleball community.

Some of my artsy accomplishments include being featured in Manhattan Arts for my work in graphite, designing and producing advertising art for a major motion picture, supplying prints of original work for use on the set of the popular Canadian TV series, ‘Heartland’, selling original equine anatomy charts all over the world, conceiving and producing numerous logos and branding artwork, and design development for clothing that sold all over the USA.

I now offer these skills in the pickleball arena! In the image gallery below, there are some logos I’ve created for other businesses and entities, along with a pickleball lighthouse greeting card and a wonderful ‘Pickleball 5.0’ emblem…

You can see more Pickleball Studio designs, by visiting Card Isle.

Enjoy the pickleball funnies! It’s a crazy sport. We all know just how addictive it is…that sometimes it’s hard to keep score after an engaging point, and that unexpected things happen all the time…!

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Pickleball Paddle Cookie Cutter!

Of all the pickleball stuff you can acquire, this is one that will help you have more fun in the kitchen! Made of heavy duty tin plated steel, tested and certified food safe. Proudly made in the USA, just like pickleball. Make cookies, pancakes, fruit platters, cheese platters, ornaments and so much more.

available at PickleballCentral.com

five starsPickleball Paddle Cookie Cutter December 10, 2018
Reviewer: Sandy Schiess from Ormond Beach, FL United States  

“Made sugar cookies for Christmas Pickleball Party.  Everyone loved them. Decorated handle with darker sugar sprinkles, and face of paddle with holiday colors.  Very festive, got lots of oh’s and ah’s.”

Make cookies for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Any Day!

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