Beech Tree Arts has taken a long time to emerge. It is a combination of my professional experiences as a fine artist using graphite as a medium, to a digital artist using pixels and vectors; from stall mucker to lead trainer at a 22 horse stable; from a person with PTSD to an accomplished pickleball player…

I’ve been a teacher, a coach, a student, a trainer, an athlete, an artist, a beginner, and after all that, I consider myself just getting started. 

All these stages have – of course – intermingled with my personal life. And like anyone else, among so many wonderful events, I’ve seen my share of tragedy, trauma, health issues, stresses and worries. Over time, I’ve learned to allow those harsher moments nourish and energize positive passions. In other words, a profound, creative transformation is taking place.

Losses, challenges and mistakes have simply amplified my appreciation for family, friends, community, health, reading, writing, drawing, Reiki, being around animals, and a crazy sport called pickleball…all because I deeply suffered and was able to recover and find a path of healing and growth. I’m learning about my canvas, and employing a better use of thoughts, choices, and the amazing tools of my life.

The inspiration for sharing this site and everything that I am, comes from just about everyone I’ve ever known, including colleagues, clients, and of course, the horses – one of History’s greatest allies, and now one of its greatest teachers. It is an eclectic collection of thoughts, experiences, and insights from a myriad of sources.

Whether you buy a book I’ve reviewed, or a product I offer…whether you peruse for fun or serious purpose (which is also fun!), I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Most of all, I wish you well in your path of self-help, self-discovery and understanding. It’s truly the most promising frontier for all humanity.

I’m looking forward to new collaborations, new ideas, the creation of new material for your consideration, and the creation of new products to help expand your sense of self and your ability to renew your life at any time.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy each new day and what it has to offer.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back soon.

Note: I haven’t provided direct links for books that I’ve reviewed since there are SO many places to buy or borrow them…