Beech Tree Arts publisher and author statement:

Even before the ‘Age of Coronavirus’, I’ve tried to answer, ‘What do I want to ‘put forward’, pay forward, or give to those all around me?’, ‘How do I honor my teachers, my family, my community, and what can I possibly add to their messages’?

Like everyone, I have lots to say and yet I wonder if I’ve I learned enough to contribute to a brighter horse, human and collective future. My sincerest wish is to pass something along that is positive and helpful.

I don’t want to participate in political persuasion, deceit or bolstering opinion with unmerited authority. Harm masked by charm is a pesky baton. In the words of Dr. HLM van Schaik, ‘It’s like a ‘snake in butterfly’s clothing’. I don’t want to enable mind-less, selfish, conquest that benefits only a few people.

This kind of pseudo-authority preys on those who are conditioned to please; those who have ‘dependency tendencies’, and those who are scared or insecure. It perpetuates methods and ideals that feed a commercial machine. Exploiters use these tools convince the naive, the unsuspecting and the unquestioning. They gain notoriety, power, and not at least, increase their personal profit. It’s a pyramid scheme; one or a few leaders, lots and lots of followers. I don’t want to perpetuate this banal algorithm for self-centered success.

This paradigm would end with our personal growth, our bona fide confidence and conscientious responsibility. It would end by distancing our money and energy from those we no longer resonate with. There’s a natural impasse between those who exploit and those who want to live an empowered life; those who take without asking, and those who won’t relinquish the precious responsibility of liberty into undeserving hands.

Your choices make the difference. There are many ways to heal and improve your ‘self’, your experience, your health, the health and experience of your horse, and all the others you come into contact with…and therefore, there are many ways to create collective Peace. I want this manuscript to help in any way possible…

So, I freely make this claim: I don’t want you to ‘buy’ from me without benefiting from what you will learn. My sincere hope is that you will be excited about trying new things and letting your inner wisdom be your guide. Your unique expression – your ‘gift’ – is in what you pay forward as an empowered person embarking on a path of doing something better. – Adrienne Neary, Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical, pg. 4

I’ve been a teacher, a coach, a student, a trainer, an athlete, an artist, a researcher, a beginner, a patient, a client, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a widow, and after all that, I feel I’m just getting started. This gives me a platform to be the author and publisher of Beech Tree Arts, host of my evolving message.

Mostly, I love horses and have ridden and cared for them much of my life.

Beech Tree Arts along with its sister site Coherent Horsemanship, are a combination of my research and professional experiences.

The inspiration for publishing this site comes from everyone I’ve ever known, especially horses, one of History’s greatest allies and now one of its greatest teachers.

Whether you purchase products or download free ones…whether you peruse for fun or serious purpose (which is also fun!), I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Most of all, I wish you well in your path of self-help, self-discovery and understanding. It’s truly the most promising frontier for all humanity.

I’m looking forward to new collaborations, new ideas, and creating new content and products to help expand your sense of self and your ability to renew your horse life at any time.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy each new day and what it has to offer.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back soon.