Beech Tree Arts, along with its two sister sites – Equana.org and Coherent Horsemanship – have taken a long time to emerge. It is a combination of my professional experiences as a fine artist, a digital artist a stall mucker, lead trainer at a 22 horse stable, and someone who has suffered greatly…

I’ve been a teacher, a coach, a student, a trainer, an athlete, an artist, a beginner, a patient, a client, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a widow, and after all that, I consider myself just getting started. 

The inspiration for publishing this site comes from everyone I’ve ever known, and especially, the horses – one of History’s greatest allies, and now one of its greatest teachers.

Whether you purchase products or download activity ideas…whether you peruse for fun or serious purpose (which is also fun!), I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. Most of all, I wish you well in your path of self-help, self-discovery and understanding. It’s truly the most promising frontier for all humanity.

I’m looking forward to new collaborations, new ideas, and creating new content and products to help expand your sense of self and your ability to renew your horse life at any time.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy each new day and what it has to offer.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back soon.

Disclaimer: I am an adherent to the principles brought forth by Dr. HLM van Schaik, who was an incredible horseman and advocate for horses. He was a principal of the Proper sense of Classical training, not the secular view of it. ‘Classical’ has been an exploited word. It is currently not taught as a serious philosophy and practice ‘brought forward’ from the Masters. I’ve since paid for ‘lessons’ by several individuals who not only name-drop the word classical, but call themselves Masters having been influenced by Masters. They in no way adhere to the Art. The horses they ‘condition to a supposed high level’ are not ‘light’, but heavy in heart and in contact from bit to hand. Curling form from the rider exemplifies and insists on an over the bit carriage with broken potential and mediocre performance. It is a ubiquitous disease and none seem to have the time to adjust and take us out of this insanity. Money seems to be king of the hearts and souls of humans, and the horses suffer. Therefore, I share ‘Classical Equestrian Artsmanship’ – Coherent Horsemanship – as a way to rehabilitate, heal and give physical therapy to horses of all disciplines. I employ everything as I am; a Classical Reiki practitioner, a Classical Horseman and a seasoned human being to offer you these words and images.